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Reiki is a non-evasive alternative therapy. During a Reiki session, an animal is able to draw upon universal energy, via the Reiki practitioner.  This therapy facilitates healing and creates balance on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

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REIKI in the Raw

SDMB Healing

Founded in October 2015.  SDMB healing started out as a Reiki practiced that soon branched out to other modalities of healing. Educated by “A Reiki Place Wellness” in Charlotte NC, as well as continued education courses in Advanced Reiki and Reiki for Animals, NLP, and Past life Regression, to name a few. SDMB healing landed the attention of local papers and soon became a household name among its clients.

SDMB Healing focuses on promoting healing by balancing, clearing and supporting the body own natural internal healing mechanism. Reiki encourages this healing mechanism through Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Long Living Pets Research Projects

Long Living Pets Research Projects is a privately funded 30-year study.  The study focuses on the consequences of feeding a raw food diet to pets.  Through extensive studies into the digestive system of dogs and cats since 1997.  Long Living Pets Research concluded that both species are very similar to carnivores.  For this reason, a raw- food diet is essential for promoting a long life and drastically limiting the risk of diseases such as cancer.

REIKI in the Raw

Long Living Pets Reseach Projects Meets SDMB Healing

Our joint mission is to promote a long life for pets and their owners via healthy raw foods, supplements, and energy healing.

Together Long Living Pets and SDMB Healing Forms “Reiki In The Raw” We are dedicated to prevent, maintain and restore the health of animals and humans, in order to live a healthy, happy long life.

We look forward to speaking with you about your pet.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


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By Kathleen Prasad Originally published in Dogs Naturally Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2010 Aggression, like any other physical or emotional issue a dog may face, is, from an energetic perspective, simply an imbalance in the dog's energetic state. As energetic balance is...


By Nina L. Paul Animals, like people, benefit from Reiki. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, fish, ferrets, horses, or other larger animals, you can use Reiki to help your pets. Any animal that receives regular grooming from a human is probably receptive to being...


By Jill M. Jackson   Many people are now familiar with the alternative healing modality, Reiki, as well as other forms of healing energy. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with this type of therapy, Reiki is a gentle technique that aids in relief from...

Reiki for Pets and Animals

Reiki for Pets and Animals Reiki has become very popular to use in benefit of pets and animals. In fact there are Reiki classes and books specifically created to teach Reiki applications and protocol with pets and animals. Specialty Reiki Practitioners for Pets and...

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